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Massage Chairs Terminology

The intimidating task of buying the a massage chair can be easy if one is aware of the various terms associated with the high-tech massage chairs sold at Massagechairheaven.com. Using the following terminology list and their meaning will clarify any confusion you may have before buying your massage chair.


Automated programs:
Preset programs that come with the chair and are pre-planned massage regimes chosen by the customer as they provide customized massages. There are also remotes with a present LCD screen so that manual adjustments can made if needed.

Airbag massage system:
Used for compression massages, with the help of inflated bags. It provides beneficial stretch to the muscles where the roller action cannot reach.

Clapping technique:
- With the help of roller technology and cupped hand, it applies sharp, quick bursts of alternating pressure to different parts the body.

Compression technique:

This form of massage treatment uses strategically placed airbag systems. It provides relief using a very firm squeezing and also, a rubbing motion to specific parts of the body. This massage technique aids with blood and lymph flow.


More commonly known as color therapy, it is a relaxation method oriented treatment. It is an ancient form of healing that has been prevalent in Asia. This treatment mode helps alleviate pain and mood regulatory features, easing tension in the muscles and joints.

Body scan technique:

Peripheral devices and massage rollers play a major role in body scan technology. Personalized massage design is possible as the scanning technology helps in analyzing the requirements of each user. Through the manual choice of massages, it is possible to ensure that the massage chair performs a perfect user tailored massage every time.

2D Massage Roller:
Works on surface muscles and is not required for deep massages. They are simplistic and are great for relaxation.

3D Massage Roller:
Works with muscle penetration, they reach areas usually not present in simple 2D systems. Rollers are more advanced and travel up and down and side to side.

4D Massage Roller:
Typically deep tissue massage closest massage that is present compared to that of a masseuse. These chairs come with L- track features for stretching benefits for gluteus muscles and the hamstrings. These are costly massage chairs that are commonly used for therapeutic use more than their relaxation-based qualities. 4D massage rollers create a more realistic massage experience.

S-Track :
S-Track has the sinusoidal shape of the human spine and is present in all massage chairs. S-track is the roller track that does deeper massage on neck and lower back where more curvature has than just straight up and down track.

L-Track :
The L-track is an extension of the Sโ€“Track with straight track from head to lower back. It wraps underneath your gluteus muscles, and then to the back of your thighs.

The SL-Track is a cutting-edge technology. It extends the benefits of the S-Track by massaging down to the buttocks, following the natural curvature of your spine.


FLEX SL-Track:

The premium feature Flex track is the latest feature of many high-end massage chairs.ย 

It combines both the S track and the L track mechanisms to provide a massage that covers your entire back, from your neck to your glutes.ย ย 

This allows for a superior spinal decompression and creates the ultimate massage experience.

The SL Flex Track allows for an adjustable angle relative to the backrest, supplying comprehensive coverage from your neck to your hamstrings.


Dual-Roller System:

Crafted from an amazing massage roller design, The Dual Roller System features upper and lower massaging arms to target different areas. One arm is for the upper back, shoulders, and neck, while the other focuses on the lower back and legs simultaneously.


Deep tissue Massage:
In this form of massage, there is an application of a lot of pressure to relieve the muscles' pain. It applies to large groups of muscles primarily in a full-body session.

Heat Therapy:
Heat Therapy uses a set of built-in heaters that aid with loosening and preparing the body for the massage therapy. The heaters are on the back portion ( lower and upper) , and also on the feet.

Inversion Therapy:
Along with the benefits of the zero-gravity suspension, this massage focus on spinal decompression and reducing the swelling in the lower extremities majorly. When a patient suffers from persistent lower back pain, an inversion therapy massage is a must-have. It benefits with a better flexibility and improved back pain.

Kneading Massage:
When there are thumb and forefingers used in specific areas in a pinching mode, it is known as kneading.

This kind of massage technique is a specific treatment that involves applying pressure on ears, feet, and hands with the use of thumbs and fingers primarily. It is an advanced form of massaging that also sometimes uses elbow pressure.

The masseuse is known to use fingertips to generate a vibration pattern of massage movement. Both aggressive and gentle modes can be applied as per customer preference. The goal of this massage is too general warmth and loosens the tense muscles with the application of back and forth massaging over the skin.

Zero Gravity:
The zero gravity massage chairs can lift one's spirit by providing an overwhelming sense of calm and relaxation. The concept of zero gravity recliners is influenced by the NASA Space Program, to reduce the feeling of fatigue among astronauts due to the effect of gravity's natural compression force on the human body. To enjoy the benefit an elevated sense of relaxation neutral body posture is recommended making such recliners extremely therapeutic and relaxing.

Here at massagechairheaven.com, we endeavor to discuss the nomenclature and the product information in detail with the customer, so that the customer can make an informed decision when purchasing their massage chair.

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