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Massage Chair Heaven's Out-of-Stater Program


For many, a massage chair sounds like a great idea. After all, who doesn’t like to feel relaxed from a massage, especially from the comfort of your own home. Unfortunately, despite the many proven benefits of a massage chair, there are still barriers that discourage people from purchasing one.

One of these common barriers is the price. Buying a massage chair is a big investment as it costs thousands of dollars. This pricing range can make people feel hesitant. That is precisely why we have introduced the Out-of-Stater Program. 

Discover High-Quality Massage Chairs at Our Miami Showroom.

Get Up to $700 Off Your Trip to Come See Us!


Embarking on a Miami adventure is thrilling. Imagine elevating the experience further! Visit our showroom and receive up to $700 towards your travel expenses with a chair purchase.

Discover the Luxury of Trying Out Your Dream Massage Chair Before You Buy.

Experience the chair you've had your eye on and indulge in some amazing relaxation in Miami. Plus, when you're preparing for a Miami getaway, consider enhancing the experience with a luxurious massage!

Miami Lakes Showroom


Discover top name brands waiting for you to enjoy in our showroom, conveniently located near the airport!

Hit us up right after you land or just before your flight home. Come out to the showroom, spend hours trying all the chairs. Feel our hospitality and find the perfect chair for your needs!

Enhance Your Miami Experience with Our Help!


If you fly into Miami, Fl airport for the day, the owner of Massage Chair Heaven will personally come to the airport, pick you up and take you to the showroom, and help you spend as much time as you need trying out chairs.

Are you all set to take off?


If you're unsure which massage chair to buy for testing, visit our showroom to try them out. Make an informed decision based on your needs. Contact us at 1-833-627-7245 or via live chat to schedule a chair trial to find the perfect fit - with up to $700 in savings !

See you soon!


*Exclusions apply. Cannot be combined with other offers including coupons, discontinued or closeout pricing, Facebook deals, open box chairs, and price match purchases. Credit can only be reimbursed if a chair is purchased the day of the visit.