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Quick Massage Chair Buying Guide

Massage chairs come with enormous benefits and time flexibility. Their customizable features have proven crucial in making massage chair purchases worth the money spent. The mental relaxation-oriented and therapeutic benefits and health-related benefits that massages chairs provide justify its purchase in these times of confinement in homes, a smart buy for all.

To facilitate your purchase of a massage chair, we explain many aspects to consider before making that big decision. Massagechairheaven.com has a wide range of products that fit into the multipurpose objectives of procuring a massage chair for relaxation and pain alleviation. Choosing the right model requires our expert knowledge. The aesthetic designs and space-saving features make our products a top tick for any massage chair choice. Our efforts to guide your purchases have resulted in the following guideline.  


The relaxation quotient that the massage chair provides is a uniform therapeutic soothing comfort that is as good as a masseuse's services. It gives the convenience of massage with flexible timing in one's own home. It is a stress soothing massage chair, which ensures comfort massages along with health benefits without ever stepping out of your house.


The service cost of the masseuse and therapists have been skyrocketing, which has led to the situation that it has unceasing stress on the pocket. It is common to spend in the range of $55-130 for a 1-hour massage. A massage chair gives much return on investment as the cost of massages per session goes down significantly. A massage chair will last you up to 10 years with regular usage. It will pay itself within the 1st year of use. A massage chair is an economical purchase, and all the family members can use it without the cost of singular massages per person.  


Massage relieves stress and pain, and there are tremendous therapeutic benefits of massages, as many studies have proven. Massage therapy is known for reducing chronic pain and suffering. In ancient civilizations like Egypt and China, massages' therapeutic effects have were used to comfort only the aristocracy. There are many instances to show that massages relieve patients from pain, stress, spasm, and a tense state. Its ability to reduce chronic inflammatory conditions and promote well-being without medicine consumption is unparalleled. 


The massage chairs can be customized to one's needs, and through the adjustable panels and the remote controls, it is possible to ensure that the most comfortable massage can be selected. Imagine, going to a masseuse and explaining the painful areas for choosing a massage. Similarly, with modern technology, it is possible that the massage chair can understand the various customized needs through its body-scan technique.  


The recliners have excellent innovative design technology that requires very little reclining space. Hassle-free features of the chair design are an added benefit that is a blessing in any modern home. Some of our chairs only require minimal space from the wall. Thus, making it convenient for any of our massage chairs to fit in your home. 


Massage intensity is an important aspect that one needs to check before making a massage chair purchase. Strength and pressure with the help of the motors are important and the ability to customize these with the help of massage padding that controls the pressure and the intensity to ensure excellent therapeutic benefits to the customer.


Stress and continuous "fight or flight mode that is known for causing inflammation and tense muscles have been soothed with the help of medicinal use of massaging strokes. By evoking the sensory pathways, massage therapy has become an alternative form of medicine to alleviate pain related ailments. From Swedish massage to aromatherapy, deep tissue to reflexology all is possible through any of our massage chairs.


Heat therapy in the lumbar region is a unique feature that helps to loosen up large muscle groups and give tremendous comfort to orthopedic patients in many of our products. With optimal contact and heat system along with the curve of the back, our massage chairs can be wrapped to your body for a comfortable massage in any position. With the help of heating pads, our massage chairs provide an amazing heated massage that helps loosen the back muscles thus increasing the benefits of it.


Leather and synthetic covers are the most commonly used massage chair materials. As there are heat therapy and aesthetic aspect to massage chairs, it is important that there is a certain amount of quality maintained in the material that is used in the external pads. Aesthetical modern designs and quality material are also crucial in choosing massage chairs as they ensure that massage chairs look their best adding a sense of beauty to the room it is placed in.


Longer massage strokes in certain portions of the body and short tapping strokes in some parts of the body are crucial to a sense of well-being after a massage. Long gliding strokes like Effleurage are crucial for healing and can be pre-set through programs, thus ensuring the best service to the user.


Massage chairs come with modern technology to adjust according to your body height and requirement. These recliners have state-of-the-art modern facilities with varying intensity and form of massage to ensure excellent comfort and relaxation for every user. Massage chairs measurements and limitations will be stated on each of our product page. 


Customized massage programs are available with our more expensive massage chairs. There is the use of timers and reset buttons along with remote-controlled function so that massages can be pre-set to include specific kinds of massage in various parts of the body. This ensures that relaxation is complete as the massage chair follows instructions and ensures a pre-controlled environment, even if the user falls asleep in a relaxed condition.


Most massage chairs have from 2D to 4D roller. A 4D roller feels more like a human touch massage while a 2D roller doesn't allow for intensity adjustments. There are various actions of tapping; kneading, rolling like strokes can all be incorporated if a more advanced massage roller are used in the massage chair.


Optimal comfort can be enjoyed when one gets effective body massage in a reclining posture. This posture is the most comfortable to the spine, and stimulating a sense of weightlessness provides relief to the skeletal muscle and relieves muscular tension. Customized massage techniques in the reclining postures ensure relaxation of aggravated muscular tension and physical discomfort in the form of swelling, pain muscular tension can all be alleviated with profound success. This position is called the "anti-gravity" posture that facilitates maximum relaxation. Every joint and muscle get support in such reclining posture leading to less pressure on the spine.


This pressure therapy is extremely beneficial in ensuring that the chair can replicate the massage of a masseuse. It is through the air compression massage mechanical force can be applied that will improve the massage experience and enhance the circulation of the vessels. Airbags are common in the head and armrests of most of our chairs. They ensure a superior massage experience by applying pressure on the tension-prone muscle knots. 


The massage chair reads body positioning, and accordingly, the massage is offered. The areas that need more attention and are more tensed get better-focused care. The massage chair can locate and massage acupressure points to relax the individual, while comfortable heat relaxes the lumbar and calf regions of the body. The height accommodation technology can cater to all in the household through the shoulder head adjustment and leg extensions. The adjustability of rollers airbag compression and fine-tune the massages that help the user with different levels of intensity.


The good quality is reassurance is the warranty provided by the manufacturer. Maintenance is minimal and can be easily covered by any of our manufacturer's warranty. Usual coverage is around 3-5 years. The warranty is a necessity as it is like a brand value that assures the quality of the product. We also provide extended warranties that add extra protection to your investment. 



Affordability, popularity, ease of purchase, savings, and discounts are important decision-making points that all customers should consider. We at MassageChairHeaven.com are focused on providing the most therapeutic products as per our customer needs, and all queries are solved through our customer service. Prices are inclusive of shipping and sales taxes as well. We at Massage Chair Heaven, ensure complete transparency and service-oriented mindset with our clients. 

If you are not sure about something, please feel free to call us anytime at (833) 627-7245. Our Massage Chair Experts are eagerly waiting to answer your questions.