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KahunaMassage ChairsKahuna Exquisite Rhythmic 3D Massage Chair (Hubot HM-078)BlackMassage Chair Heaven
KahunaMassage ChairsKahuna Exquisite Rhythmic 3D Massage Chair (Hubot HM-078)ChampaignMassage Chair Heaven
KahunaMassage ChairsKahuna Exquisite Rhythmic 3D Massage Chair (Hubot HM-078)BrownMassage Chair Heaven
KahunaMassage ChairsKahuna Exquisite Rhythmic 3D Massage Chair (Hubot HM-078)BrownMassage Chair Heaven
KahunaMassage ChairsKahuna Exquisite Rhythmic 3D Massage Chair (Hubot HM-078)BrownMassage Chair Heaven
KahunaMassage ChairsKahuna Exquisite Rhythmic 3D Massage Chair (Hubot HM-078)BrownMassage Chair Heaven
KahunaMassage ChairsKahuna Exquisite Rhythmic 3D Massage Chair (Hubot HM-078)BrownMassage Chair Heaven

Kahuna Exquisite Rhythmic 3D Massage Chair (Hubot HM-078)

by Kahuna

ISBN: 670724911434
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Kahuna Exquisite Rhythmic 3D Massage Chair


  • An exquisite massage chair that professionally crafted with a detailed finish
  • Powerful 3D performance
  • HSL-Track (51.2 Inches, Hyper S L track)
  • Rhythmic Kahuna unique technology for air-cell movements.
  • Head Massage
  • Calf Rollers
  • Foot Rollers
  • 15 Massages programs. 
  • 3 Stretching Programs
  • Full-Body Scanning Technology
  • Heating therapy on the Upper, Lower back, legs and feet.
  • Bluetooth Premium Speakers 
  • Mobile app Control is available.
  • Free 3 Years Warranty 
  • FREE Shipping To Lower 48 States
  • Ships in 2-3 Business Day

      New variety 15 Auto programs

      New 15 Massages programs include essential rejuvenation and relaxation programs, the most popular 2 Kahuna Signature Programs, 3 Stretching, 2 Kyro programs, and 4 Special sports massage programs with 7 separate air and roller intensity levels control.

      • Renew- New Kahuna full-body massage program with strong rhythmic 3D dimensional air squeeze techniques and moderate massage with kneading, tap, and roll techniques from neck to glutes to recharge your body. Sophisticated massage performance to cover acupressure points to relieve tension to renew your day.
      • Kahuna Stretching- The most popular Kahuna signature auto program for full-body stretching with strong glute massage and thigh stretching. Airbags inflate to hold the upper and lower body as the chair changes into different positions.
      • Kahuna Yoga stretching- Inspired by yoga movements, Kahuna Yoga Stretching mode massages the spine with a sequence of rolling and kneading and intensify the stretching with pausing movements. It also has side-to-side twist motion with hip airbags while it stretches full-body and areas that are not stretched on a daily.
      • Kahuna Active stretching- The most active stretching program that combines Kahuna & yoga stretching techniques along with special hamstring pressure massage to target overused and tense muscles.
      • Kahuna Chiro- Inspired by Chiropractic movements, the massage begins with knocking and tapping motion to relax the muscles next to spines, and rolling and kneading motion expands the gaps between the spines and helps better alignment of your core.
      • Twist Chiro- More active Chiro massage program that includes Kahuna Chiro movements with side to side twist motion for waist, thigh and help better strengthen your core more actively.
      • Rocking- Gentle rocking motion movements with soft full-body massage auto program that provides soft rolling technique along the back muscles to stimulate circulation with light full-body air-cell massage with foot rollers that cradles you to sleep.
      • Air mode- Hubot’s new special auto program that only performs with rhythmic air-cell pressure massage system to massage full-body. Hubot is equipped with 107 airbags that gradually inflate, squeeze and embrace your entire body with wave-like motion promoting blood circulation and loosening tense muscles.
      • Sleep mode- Daily use program with a combination of gentle roller and light air-cell massage system to promote relaxation and soothes body to help to fall asleep better. Soft transitions of kneading, rolling and rocking up and down the spine for full relief.
      • Deep tissue massage- Intensive body care massage program that penetrates deeply into the tissues. Deep knocking and tapping roller actions on the lower back and strong acupressure calf massage from air-cells to complete strong full-body care.
      • Anti-Stress- Strong upper body care massage program with full-motion that starts with a shoulder to head air-cell massage to blow away your tension. With deep rolling on the entire back while it fixes points in certain areas to massage acupressure points. Air cells also squeeze the waist and hip tightly to help promote better circulation. This program will be very helpful for people who have desk jobs that have stiff necks and performs instant relief for stressed bodies.
      • Dynamic- Dynamically massages with rollers along the spine that allows muscles to get flexible before working out with a variety of different sequences while stretching lumbar and glutes. Enjoyable massage anytime for your need before active day.
      • Golfer mode- Golfer massage program focuses on lower body massage that is especially targeted for tension around the hip region. Also provides stretching in the pelvic and waist area by multi squeezing actions using air cells. Air-cells on calves and feet shift side to side creating a slight twisting motion to boost overall massages.
      • Fast recovery– Recovery massage program that performs slow light massage after a workout. Combination of gentle kneading and tapping roller actions to relax muscles along with rhythmic air-cell massage system on full-body to promotes better circulation allowing more oxygenated blood to muscles for faster recovery and reduce possible injuries.
      • Athletic- Combination of Dynamic massage program with light tapping motion that relaxes and warms up your muscles before game time.


      Rated voltage


      Rated  Frequency 50/60 Hz
      Rated  Power Consumption 230W Max
      Chair Dimension (LXWXH) 52 x 31 x 48 Inches 
      Net weight  305 Lbs
      Gross weight  291 Lbs, 90 Lbs




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